Teachers strike in Central
Java regency

The Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI) branch in Banyuwangi regency, Central Java, went on strike Tuesday, demanding the government improve their welfare.

News portal tempointeraktif.com reported that the strike followed a rally by the teachers on Monday, in which they decided to go on strike until Friday.

The teachers said they were disappointed by the local government’s refusal to promote contract teachers and raise meal allowances.

Banyuwangi administration secretary Sukandi said he regretted the strike, saying that the teacher “should not abandon their students.”

He said the administration had yet to decide whether to punish teachers who were participating in the strike.

The teachers are also demanding the attorney general arrest Banyuwangi regent Ratna Ani Lestari, who had been named a suspect in an alleged land purchase graft case to build an airport in Blimbingsari village, Rogojampi district.

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