Immigration offices still
infested with corruption

Practices of bribery to fast track passport applications are still rampant at immigration offices in Jakarta.

Middlemen, some with official nametags issued by the offices, were seen hanging around at immigration offices in Kemayoran, Center Jakarta, and Beos Kota, West Jakarta, Wednesday, to help applicants who wanted to apply for new passports or renew old passports.

"We will process your application fast. Rp 1.5 million (US$166.5) and Rp 800,000 for a one-day and a two-day process respectively," a middleman told The Jakarta Post on the condition of anonymity.

The normal fee to get a new passport is Rp 270,000.

Applicants are supposed to be able to process passport applications within four working days, according to Maroloan Barimbing, Directorate General of Immigration at the Justice and Human Rights Ministry spokesman.

However, in practice, the application time varies with people having to wait until over three weeks to obtain a passport. (tsy)

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