Erwin Gutawa: It’s all
about music and family


Just like other people in the entertainment industry, noted composer and music director Erwin Gutawa rarely has a perfect holiday on weekends. Very often, weekends mean working days for him.

In recent years, he became busier after his daughter Gita Gutawa also entered the music industry.
I usually work on Saturdays and Sundays because music concerts and shows mostly take place on weekends. Even if I have spare time on weekends sometimes I have to accompany Gita singing at other music events or shows.

So it turns out I’ve got more days off on weekdays. While people are busy working at the office I can lay low and enjoy my free time.

What would I do if I have a day off? I prefer to stay at home with my family. Even though I only stay home on lazy days, I always try to wake up early in the morning.

If I get a little lazy and tired, I can wake up a bit later, at around 9 a.m. — but never later than that.
Since I had a new baby girl (called Aura) two years ago, I usually start my day playing with the baby. I take her to the park to enjoy the warmth of the morning sun and to breathe the fresh air.

By being around her, I feel I can make up for lost time with her because I’ve been busy working outside and not being with her more often.

Besides playing with my baby girl, I try to spend some time doing some exercise. I like cycling and I cycle occasionally. Jogging or walking? Well, no. I’d rather ride my bike because it’s much faster and less tiring than walking.

At noon, I sometimes take Gita and Lulu (Erwin’s wife) out to watch movies at the cinema. We like watching movies. And after that, we usually have lunch at a restaurant.

When we get home, we will just stay at home, cuddling and gathering with the whole family.     

If you ask me about the most wonderful weekend in my life, I can say that for me every weekend is wonderful. I also had great times every weekend when I was still a kid because I had a lot of things to do back then.

When I was in elementary and junior high school, I liked to do a lot of exercise, such as playing basketball and soccer.

I also remembered my mum always cooked good food, ranging from empal (fried thinly sliced beef) or fried chicken to sambal goreng hati (chicken liver cooked with spices and coconut milk).

I have always liked home-cooked food. Even when I’m out to dine at a restaurant, I always try to find Indonesian food.

In high school, I started to have slightly different activities on the weekend — hanging out with friends and playing music. Since it was hard to find a music studio, we just played music and did rehearsals at my home or at one of my friends’ houses.

For a hang-out spot, we often chose a plaza in Blok M (South Jakarta). It was the coolest and hippest place to be because there weren’t as many shopping centers or hang-out spots as there are now.

I began to make excuses if my mum or dad asked me to go with them to attend family gatherings, as I chose to hang out with my friends instead. But as I grow older, I now prefer being at home with my family.

— As told to Triwik Kurniasari.

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