Former health minister
convicted of graft

The Corruption Court on Friday sentenced former health minister Achmad Sujudi to 2 years and 3 months in prison for graft involving Health Ministry procurement projects from 2003 to 2004.

Sujudi was found guilty of bypassing legal procedures for the provision of medical equipment to 32 public hospitals in eastern Indonesia and to the Indonesian Red Cross.

His lack of adherence to accepted biding protocol cost the state Rp 104.46 billion (US$11.05 million) in losses, the head of the presiding panel of judges, Jupriadi, said Friday.

The judges also imposed a fine of Rp 100 million, or an additional three months in prison if he defaulted on the fine.

On Friday, Sujudi was also found guilty of marking up the budget for health equipment procurement to Rp 170 billion from the actual cost of Rp 66 billion.

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