Public information law
to take effect

Ministries, state agencies, legislative bodies and judiciary institutions can no longer avoid the public’s inquiry as the 2008 Law on Freedom of Information is finally coming into effect on Friday.

They state institutions are now obliged to fulfill any requests for information from the
public, except for a few that are considered state secrets.

Communications and Information Ministry spokesman Gatot Dewa Broto said Thursday the law affected all public institutions from the central to regional level, including political parties and non-governmental organizations that receive funds from the state budget.

“We’ve issued today on our website a press statement on the enactment of the law to remind all public institutions that they must comply with the law,” Gatot told The Jakarta Post.

“Exemption is given to types of information specified in Article 17 of the law, including that whose revelation can disrupt law enforcement process.”

Information related to defense and security issues, business deals and diplomatic negotiations will remain confidential.

Violations of the law can be reported to the Information Commission at its hotline number (021) 58900158.

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