KPK at a loss regarding
Nunun’s whereabouts

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has failed once again to find any trace of Nunun Nurbaeti, a potential witness in a 2004 bribery case in connection with the selection of Miranda S. Goeltom as central bank senior deputy governor.

“We are still trying to track down where exactly Nunun is being treated, with help from the Singaporean authorities,” said commission spokesman Johan Budi. He added that as soon as the KPK had information about Nunun’s whereabouts, they would send a team to get a second opinion on her medical condition.

He added that if Nunun were proven to be healthy and only dodging her responsibility to testify, then the KPK could resort to more forceful measures.

The KPK has repeatedly failed to summon Nunun to testify at several trials in relation to the case.

Nunun claims she is currently receiving treatment for amnesia in Singapore.

Petrus Balapatyona, a member of the legal counsel team in the traveler’s checks case, believed his client was still receiving medical treatment in Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore.

“We believe Nunun is still in Singapore,” Petrus said.

“We could not find Nunun in the hospital she was supposed to be using for medical treatment,” Johan said Monday.

Petrus said his team had not received any official statement confirming Nunun had left Singpaore.

A dossier of a former lawmaker Dudhie Makmun Murod, who is allegedly involved in the bribery case, also says Nunun is being treated in Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

Nunun allegedly arranged the delivery of traveler’s checks worth a total of Rp 24 billion (US$2.6 million) to several legislators, including Dudhie, through middleman Arie Malangjudo after Miranda’s 2004 election to the high-level bank post.

The name of Nunun, the wife of current lawmaker and former National Police deputy chief Comr. Gen. Adang Daradjatun, has come up frequently in the ongoing trials of four suspects. They are Hamka Yandhu, Dudhie, Endin Soefihara and Udju Djuhaeri. (ipa)

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