Mujahiddin robes found
in Karawang

Police discovered on Saturday three sets of mujahiddin robes inside a boarding house in the West Java regency on Karawang, where the police’s counterterrorism squad shot dead two suspected terrorists and arrested another one three days earlier.

National police forensic laboratory officer Sr. Comr. Amri Kamil said, however, the police did not find any weapon or explosive inside the rented house during the reenactment of Wednesday’s raid on terrorist suspects.

“We only found three mujahiddin robes and three caps,” Amri said, adding that the police also seized a wallet and a picture album during reenactment.

Terrorist suspects rented the house from local resident Dimah Jubaedah.

The counterterrorism squad raided the house on Wednesday afternoon, following a raid on a house in Cililitan, East Jakarta earlier in the day. A total of five terrorist suspects were shot dead in the twin raids.

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