Susno charged with new

Susno Duadji (JP/P.J. Leo)
  Susno Duadji (JP/P.J. Leo)

National Police's detectives have named former police chief detective Comr. Gen. Susno Duadji as a suspect on a graft case surrounding the 2008 West Java gubernatorial election.

Previously Susno was charged with a bribery case in an investigation of a deception case involving an arowana fish farming company in Riau.

Junior Attorney General for Special Crimes Marwan Effendy said on Tuesday he had received an official letter from National Police's detective directorate that the investigation into the graft case in West Java had been kicked off.

Marwan also confirmed Susno was named a suspect in the new case.

Susno was allegedly involved in the case when he was still the West Java police chief.

Sources said West Java Police received Rp 27 billion (US$2.89 million) from the government to support police's security operation during the gubernatorial election.

However, Susno allegedly disbursed only half of the funds to the force which was then spread to police offices at regency levels in West Java province.

The remaining Rp 13.5 billion was allegedly misused.

National Police spokesman Insp. Gen. Edward Aritonang confirmed the case had been under police investigation. But when asked if Susno was the suspect on the case, Edward said, "Let me check it first."

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