PPP condemns Israeli attack
on Mavi Marmara

The United Development Party (PPP) condemns Israeli’s attack on Mavi Marmara, a ship on a humanitarian mission for the conflict in Gaza.

“This attack confirms that Israel is an anti-humanity and anti-peace nation,” PPP Deputy Secretary General Muhammad Romahurmuziy told The Jakarta Post via email on Monday.

“PPP demands the government, in this case the foreign affairs ministry, to take any bilateral or multilateral approach to ensure the safety of Indonesian citizens who are aboard in the Mavi Marmara ship,” he added.

“PPP also demands the foreign affairs ministry to send an official protest to the United Nations on the Israeli’s attack in Gaza. PPP also wants both the Israel and Palestine to put more priority in dialogs to resolute their conflicts rather than violence,” he said further.

Numerous international media reported that the Israeli navy stormed the Mavi Marmara aid ship. Reports also said that at least two people had been killed and 30 were wounded.

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