Bogor Palace to hold open
house for city anniversary

Bogor Palace will host an open house from June 14 to 21, in an annual program organized to commemorate Bogor's 528th anniversary on June 3.

“[People can] register from June 7 to 12 at the [Bogor City] Culture and Tourism Agency office free of charge,” the agency head Syahlan Rasyidi told Antara state news agency Thursday.

In 2004, the first time Bogor Palace hosted an open house, the palace received 1,500 visitors. It had 9,000 visitors in 2005; 11,000 in 2006; 27,000 in 2007 and 30,000 in 2008.

Syahlan said that last year the event attracted 50,000 visitors.

Bogor Palace, built in 1744 by a Dutch governor general, was once called Buitenzorg. It was designed to be his retreat, but several Dutch officials modified the design. In 1834, it was damaged by an earthquake from the Mt. Salak eruption.

Two decades after a major renovation in 1850, it became the official residence for governors general. Between 1870 and 1942, it housed 38 Dutch governors general and a British governor general. The palace, 18,492 square meters in size, stands on a 28.4-hectare block of land in the heart of Bogor city.

The palace has 450 paintings and 360 sculptures among other art collections.

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