Indonesian injured journalist
evacuated to Amman

Surya Fachrizal, a journalist with Hidayatullah from Indonesia injured in the Israel's attack on aid flotilla to Gaza, was transported from a hospital in Israel to Amman, Jordan, on Sunday afternoon, tempointeraktif.com reported.

Surya, who was among 12 Indonesian activists joining the humanitarian mission to the blockaded Gaza, was evacuated by land from Ramban Haifa Hospital in Israel to King Hussein Hospital in Amman, Tempointeraktif.com reported from Amman.

Surya was one of dozens of injured victims when Israeli commandos stormed the Mavi Marmara ship, killing at least nine activists. Surya was shot at his right chest, and then evacuated to the Israeli hospital where he underwent surgery.

Arief Rahman, another Indonesian activist joining the flotilla, said that Surya could not be transferred to Jakarta yet due to his health condition.

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