Congress result must go
on with or without Bekasi
administration's support:

The organizer of a joint Islamic congress in Bekasi said they had invited the local administration to attend the public announcement of the result of the congress but they had received no response.

"We actually wanted to hand over our [congress] declaration directly to the [Bekasi] mayor and regent, but none of them came to the event," Kanti Prajogo, the committee chairman for the congress told The Jakarta Post on Sunday.

Kanti, who is also an official with the Bekasi Islamic Center, said all organizations participated in the congress had agreed to immediately implement the result of the congress, especially their plan to set up joint center for watching attempts on converting locals to Christianity.

"We will run and closely evaluate the [joint center establishment] program with or without support from local administrations" he said.

Held in the Al Azhar mosque, one of the biggest mosques in the city, the Sunday's public gathering was followed by more than 500 people.

The main agenda of the gathering was the announcement of the results of a recent joint Islamic congress held by leaders of dozens Bekasi-based Islamic groups.

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