Actor Roger Danuarta mourns
over father’s death

Courtesy of Kawanku

JAKARTA: The father of sinetron actor Roger Danuarta, Johnny Danuarta, died Monday at Eka
Hospital, in BSD, Tangerang.

Johnny, who owns a bridal and salon business, complained of a headache on Monday, according to Roger.

At the Dharmais house of mourning, where the body of Johnny is currently resting, Roger looked grieved. “It happened yesterday afternoon. The housekeeper told me that papa had a seizure. At first, he had a headache and asked the maid for a massage, then asked for some medicine not long after that. When I arrived he had asphyxiated,” he said, as quoted by tempointeraktif.com.

Roger, who starred in an Indonesian adaptation of Taiwan’s Meteor Garden series, carried his father to his car and took him to Eka Hospital. Doctors treated Johnny for two hours but said they could not do much.

“The doctor said papa’s heart beat stopped,” Roger said.

Johnny has a history of illness, Roger said. “Papa had diabetes for a long time, his blood was thick, which affected his heart, liver and lungs. The last time we checked, papa’s condition was serious,” he said.

Roger added they had not decided where they would bury his father yet, as they waited for the family to be together.

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