Chris John confident ahead
of showdown in Jakarta

Indonesian world featherweight boxing champion Chris John says he is ready to fight contender Fernando David Saucedo of Argentina.

“It’s a great opportunity for me to fight in my home country, where I can perform in front of my fans and supporters,” Chris said after meeting with Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo on Wednesday.

The 30-year old said he had made the necessary preparations for the bout, scheduled for July 26, including studying his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

“What is important now is building my confidence. When the time comes I hope our plans and preparations will serve our camp well,” he said.

Meanwhile, Fauzi said he hoped John, who will make his 13th title defense, could inspire the young generation to follow his success story, and also encourage more sponsorship of Indonesia’s professional boxers.

John said he was sad to see the slow development of boxing in Indonesia, criticizing an insufficient number of championship fights poor media coverage of the sport.

“How can professional boxing develop without the necessary matches to test a young boxer’s skills? The boxers don’t just need training, but also championship fights to help them improve,” he said.

The undefeated Chris John has fought 45 times with 43 victories and two draws. Meanwhile, Saucedo, 29, has a record of 38 victories, four defeats and two draws.

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