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Police again complacent
after FPI’s sweeping

MEDAN: The Medan police office refused to make any arrests following reported raids by the Islam Defenders Front (FPI), saying their actions were just a form of religious guidance.

“There were no acts of violence. They happened to pass by and spread the message to not sin. Report to me if anyone sees any FPI members commit violence or disadvantage people,” police chief Sn. Comr. Imam Margono told The Jakarta Post Monday.

Around 250 FPI members were reported to have raided several hotels and night spots in the city on Sunday. Under the watchful eye of police personnel, they distributed leaflets urging night spots to stop operating ahead of the month-long Islamic fasting season.

Witnesses reported an argument between FPI members and visitors at Hotel Sibayak. FPI members allegedly attacked the visitors, landing punches and knocking over parked motorbikes. — JP

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