Rare Sumatran tiger kills
a teenager

Conservationists say a rare Sumatran tiger has killed a teenager in western Indonesia.

Ahmad Rafi was mauled while he and his parents were tapping rubber trees in their plantation in Rimbo Melintang, a village in Riau province.

Hutomo, the head of local conservation agency, said Tuesday the 17-year-old boy's mangled body had been recovered and that tiger had been chased away by frightened villagers.

Indonesia is home to around 250 Sumatran tigers. Their habitat is threatened by rampant deforestation. Tigers are also hunted for use of their body parts in traditional medicines, health tonics, decorations and even for fashion.

As their habitat diminishes, many of the endangered animals roam into villages or onto plantations in search of food, setting off conflicts with humans.

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