Jakarta to increase Betawi
cultural village size

The Jakarta administration said Wednesday it would increase the size of Betawi cultural Village in Situ Babakan, South Jakarta.

“We have prepared a master plan for the village and will acquire 3.2 hectares of land this year,” said Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo on Wednesday.

Betawi cultural village management coordinator Agus Asenie said the Jakarta administration had prepared Rp 27 billion (US$3 million) for the land acquisition.

“We want the village to represent the culture and the life and tradition of Betawi people,: said Fauzi.

Head of the Betawi Consultative Body Nahrowi Ramli said he was glad with the administration plan to preserve the Betawi culture.

He expected the program would be sustainable so that people could see the richness of Betawi culture in the village.


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