PTTEP: ‘No verifiable
proof’ for RI oil spill

JAKARTA: PTTEP president Anon Sirisaengtaksin said the company had received a letter from Indonesia requesting compensation for damage to the country’s territory from the Montara oil spill incident in Timor Sea.

“PTTEP found that no verifiable evidence has yet to be presented to support any claim,” the company said in a statement made available to The Jakarta Post on Friday.

Negotiators from Indonesia and PTTEP met in Perth on Thursday to discuss the spill, which Indonesia said had covered more than 70,000 kilometer squares of ocean. It was reported that Indonesia wanted PTTEP to pay US$2.2 billion in compensation for the disaster.

PTTEP said it had worked with Australian authorities to monitor the environmental situation and that the oil slick had been limited to the immediate Montara area.

The company said it was researching the spill’s long-term effects, including the spread of oil from Montara into the Timor Sea, and would publicly release a report when complete.

Anon said that some people recently made media statements that adversely affected PTTEP and that the company might demand responsibility from them. — JP

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