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Issue: ‘Stop sending
workers to Malaysia’

Coming back: Hundreds of Indonesian workers come out of Sri Bintan Pura seaport in Tanjung Pinang after having been deported from Malaysia on Aug. 20. The Malaysian government has deported several groups of Indonesian workers, who entered the country illegally, following the heating up of the border dispute. Antara

Aug. 27, Online: A House of Representatives legislator urges the government to stop sending workers to Malaysia because that country has conducted human rights violations toward Indonesians working there. “Too many human rights violations have been conducted by Malaysians towards Indonesian workers. We can no longer use excuses, such as sharing the same culture, to not stop sending our workers. The government has to be firm,” Rieke Diah Pitaloka of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) and a member of House Commission IX on social welfare, told a press conference at the House in Jakarta on Friday. Rieke said that one of the latest violation reports revolves around a shooting that killed two Indonesian workers, Muhdi and Mukhlis, who were accused of stealing a car. “The development of the case remains unclear, despite the fact that all witnesses said that the two could not even drive a car,” Rieke said. Rieke added that there had been many reports revealing that under-age Indonesian workers in Malaysia did not receive proper education.

Your comments:

Rieke should motion a capital control regime to Indonesia to bring back all the money from overseas.
If you can bring back a couple of billion US dollars you don’t need to send workers abroad, the three million people can work in Indonesia
New York

I don’t agree with Rieke. To stop sending our workers is not a good idea. Both the national economy and the workers’ benefit from the program of sending workers overseas.
The main unsolved problem is still illegal workers, and it is the source of so many of the problems.
However, it is rather strange that we don’t know how many Indonesians need legal aid.
The UK
 I’ve come to few conclusions regarding to our current situation:
Ministers and politicians on both sides must meet and try very seriously to find a solution to avoid unnecessary bad blood between our people. Our clash will only benefit our real and hidden enemies.
We must help each other. We are two different nations but one people. We have come a long way, have endured many good and bad times together historically, so that our downfall happened at the same time, when we stopped protecting each other. Our spoken language, food, clothes, habits, our temperament are the same. It’s not that we are stealing anything from each other; our culture is the same, because we are one people.
To our politicians, stop feeding us hatred. Instead, be a responsible representative of the people, and eliminate corruption in our society.
To the media, publish only facts and truth, not gossip and rumor.
Legislator Rieke should know better.
New York

Why doesn’t Rieke conduct a survey on the 3 million Indonesians in Malaysia, as to who wants to go back? Will she provide them employment? The ordinary people of Indonesia love to be in Malaysia. Only rich people like Rieke travel to New York and Europe, and have probably never been to KL.
Ary Jerneh
New York
It is good news if Indonesian workers stop coming to Malaysia. Surely the Malaysian unemployment rate will drop.
Kuala Lumpur

 “Stop sending Indonesian workers to Malaysia” - I beg your pardon, who is sending who? People will go anywhere for better opportunities. Instead of squawking all this nonsense, why don’t government officials work properly to create sustainable employment with living wages? You cannot stop something unless you started it to begin with.
Perhaps there is a conspiracy somewhere, such that politicians are sending workers overseas so that inward remittances can line their corrupt pockets.
If you truly are people’s representatives, then represent your people well. The fact of the matter is that every country has its own laws and those in violations of those laws will face the consequences accordingly. So Malaysia has the right to enforce its laws in its own country.
You just want to make sure that the Indonesian workers are receiving proper representation and that justice is being done? So stand up, you politicians, dig deep into your pockets, and sign a pledge for a percentage of your salary to be used to establish a legal aid committee. Talk is cheap!
Chris C
The US

How about if the government makes a serious effort at creating sustainable employment so people don’t have to go looking for it overseas! Presumably, if they prevent Indonesian citizens from going to Malaysia to work they will provide them with jobs here? Of course they won’t!
It’s cheap populist politics aimed at point-scoring. If only legislators showed the same level of apparent concern for the welfare of workers in Indonesia itself.

Everybody makes mistakes. This Ramadan why don’t our society and its leaders try a little introspection (muhasabah) as to what we have done and what positive corrective action should be taken to solve this problem.
For me, Indonesia and Malaysia should have a good relationship (like blood ties). For Malaysia, maybe we should to look back on the policies we made and see what weaknesses there are in the recruitment of housemaids and other issues and discuss them with Indonesia.
For Indonesia, we know sometimes is not easy to forgive what has been done in Malaysia, especially if it involves an Indonesian citizen, but please, give everybody a chance to change the system. I’m worried about other countries that are jealous of our previous good relationship. Everybody must be positive and make an effort to solve this issue. Salam Ramadan
Kuala Lumpur

Praise be to Allah if Indonesia stops sending workers to Malaysia. It will give opportunities to those from Timur Leste, Pattani etc., workers that are willing to work without prejudice.

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