Lavender aromatherapy can
improve academic performance:

A research conducted by a Yogyakarta-based Muhammadiyah University scientist reveals that lavender aromatherapy can improve students' academic performance.
Lavender’s scent has proved to stimulate students' cognitive senses, therefore improve their ability to concentrate, researcher Barli Hafidh Pramono said on Saturday.

"Lavender aromatherapy has a calming effect of someone's mood, increases alertness and one's ability to concentrate, and also reduces his or her anxiety," he said as quoted by Antara news agency.
Lavender aromatherapy increases alpha wave activity which brings about calm and relaxation, stimulates the brain and enhances the mental ability to concentrate.

"Aromatherapy can be applied during learning processes at home or school. It increases students' ability to focus and reduces their anxiety when facing examinations," he added.

The therapy can be carried out by putting up a pot of lavender flowers in every corner of a classroom, living room or bedroom.

It can also be administered through an evaporation technique or automatic fragrance devices that can be installed anywhere in a closed space.

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