Bekasi church wins lawsuit
against regent

The Bandung Administrative Court upheld a lawsuit filed by Rev. Bonar Napitupulu of HKBP Church in Bekasi, West Java, against a decree by Bekasi Regent Sa’duddin on the construction of a new house of worship.

The decree, which was issued On Dec. 31, 2009, ordered HKBP Filadelfia Church to stop the construction of the church and stop its religious activities in North Tambun.

“The panel of judges ordered the regent to revoke the decree. This means the court has annulled Regent Sa’duddin’s decree,” court deputy Disiplin F. Manao said Wednesday as quoted by tempointeraktif.com, adding that the verdict was made on Sept. 2.

The judges said Bonar’s lawsuit had solid grounds, while the regent’s decree contained violations of the Constitution, specifically articles on human rights, the law on good governance.

Disiplin said the accused wanted to challenge the court’s verdict.

“However, we have not received an official letter of appeal from him yet,” he said.

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