PLN to build world’s
tallest power pylons Java
to Bali

State electricity producer PT PLN is set to build two of the world’s tallest electricity towers in Java and Bali at 376-meters high each, company president director Dahlan Iskan said Monday.

The construction of the tallest power pylons in the world is part of an overhead crossing project which is worth US$240 million in total investment. The overhead transmission grid will transmit power supply from Java to Bali.

Dahlan said PLN was ready to hold the bidding process for the Bali tower in October.

“We have received a recommendation from the Bali Provincial Legislative Council [DPRD] to construct the tower there,” he was quoted as saying by detik.com news portal.

Currently there are several tall electricity towers in the world such as the Jianggyin Crossing in China at 346 meters and Orinoco Crossing in Venezuela at 240 meters.

“China will construct another tower in Zhejiang which will be 370-meters high, however, our towers will be even higher at 376 meters,” Dahlan said.

He estimated the construction of the two towers would require some Rp 300 billion (US$33.3 million).

PLN director of planning and technology Nasri Sebayang said previously that the Java-Bali Overhead Crossing 500 kilovolt (kV) High Voltage Aerial Cable (HVAC) would interconnect Paiton-Banyuwangi-Gilimanuk-New Kapal.

The project is expected to be completed in 2015.

“The connection will distribute up to 1,800 megawatts [MW] of electricity to Bali,” he said last week.

Currently there is a submersible electricity interconnection bringing some 160 to 200 MW of electricity from Java to Bali.

The overhead project will be carried out in two phases.

In the first phase, PLN will construct two 376 meter-high towers in Java and Bali, then operate a 150 kV transmission cable to Gilimanuk power station in Bali bringing some 300 MW of electricity.

Once the first phase is completed in 2012, the electricity supply to Bali would be between 460 and 500 MW.

The project’s second phase will bring another 500 MW of electricity connecting the Paiton power plants in East Java, directly with Bali.

This electricity interconnection will allow PLN to transmit surplus electricity from Java to Bali which does not have major power plants.

World’s tallest electricity towers so far

Jianggyin Crossing 346 meters China
Nanjing Crossing 257 meters China
Orinoco Crossing 240 meters Venezuela
Zhujiang Crossing 235 meters China
Wuhu Crossing (229 meters) in China
Elbe Crossing 227 meters German
Chusi Crossing 226 meters Japan
Daqi Crossing 223 meters Japan
Suez Canal Crossing 221 meters Egypt
Lingbei Crossing 214 meters in Japan

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