Jakarta to embrace 12 million
vehicles by 2011

Jakarta Police have predicted that about 12 million motor vehicles will burden the capital’s roads by 2011.

“The number of vehicles on Jakarta’s streets tends to increase every year,” the police’s Traffic Management Center coordinator Comr. Indra Jafar told Antara state news agency Monday.

The 12 million vehicle estimate did not include public transportation vehicles, which had reached almost 860,000 units so far, he added.

Indra said the number of motor vehicles had reached 11.3 million, of which 8.2 million are motorcycles.

The capital has a total of 7,650 meters of road with a 0.01 percent annual growth rate, while the motor vehicle growth rate is 0.26 percent per year.

With such a margin, Indra said he was concerned traffic jams would be much worse in the future.

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