Suharto deserves to be
hero despite sinking the
country in debt: PKS

The Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) says that former dictator Soeharto deserves to be named a national hero.

"Judging from his [Suharto] contributions to this country during his 32-reign, we believe he deserves to be named as a national hero," PKS secretary general Anis Matta told reporters at the House of Representatives in Jakarta on Monday.

"Suharto's most significant contribution is our country's development," he added.

Anis said that even though many critics deemed most of Suharto's accomplishments were made possible through foreign debts, the PKS did not see that issue as a major problem.

"Even until now we are still borrowing debts from abroad," Anis said.

"Besides, all heroes are not purely innocent," he added.

Suharto's candidacy as a national hero has sparked controversies due to his New Order regime's iron fist policy on civil movements and groups.

At the beginning of the regime, up to 3 million people were reportedly killed for being suspected communists.

The end of the regime was also marked by bloody riots taking place in several cities in Indonesia. The tragedy is known as the May tragedy.

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