Life expectancies differ
among Bali’s 8 regencies

DENPASAR: Life expectancies differ among in Bali’s eight regencies because of economic and environment factors, the governor says.

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika said this situation was regrettable and should not have happened on the island.

The average life expectancy in Bali is currently 70.67 years, with Klungkung (69 years) and Karangasem (67 years) at the low end of the scale.

Tabanan has the highest at 74 years, followed by Jembrana (73) and Denpasar (72 years).

“In future we don’t want to see any major disparities in life expectancy,” he said.

Life expectancy, Pastika said, was closely related to health, environmental and economic factors.

Bali is currently implementing various programs including a community health insurance scheme as well as house renovation and sanitation programs to improve the living standards of the community. — JP

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