Anak Krakatau continues
spewing toxic gas

Mount Anak Krakatau continued on Tuesday expulsion of volcanic material and toxic fumes, an increased volcanic activity that has lasted for more than a week.

Anton Pambudi, head of the volcano monitoring post in Cinangka, Banten, said that the the Center of Volcanology and Geological Mitigation Agency (BPVMG) kept the alert level of the volcano at the second highest level.

Fishermen and tourists have been advised not to come within a radius of 2 kilometers of Anak Krakatau to avoid toxic gas and volcanic material expulsion.

Mt. Anak Krakatau is a volcano located near Krakatau Island between Sumatra and Java.

Its volcanic activity has been increasing slowly since last Monday, reaching almost a hundred of eruptions per day. Between Sunday night and Monday night the volcano erupted 251 times.

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