‘Leaked’ file shows
civilians targeted in Papua

JAKARTA: US freelance journalist Allan Nairn claimed he got hold of a leaked document containing an intelligence report on the Indonesian Army’s Special Forces (Kopassus) that showed a targeted list of civilians in Papua allegedly involved in a separatist group.

The 2007 document was published on Tuesday by Nairn in his blog, allannairn.com.

Allan says in his blog the document revealed that Kopassus engaged in “murder [and] abduction” and showed that the red-beret force targeted churches in Papua.

The front page of the document indicated this information came from a three-monthly report of a small Kopassus’ taskforce in Kotaraja, an area in Jayapura, the capital city of the Papua province.

The document, written in Indonesian, shows a list of 19 unarmed civilians who were allegedly involved in the separatist movement. The list included Christian priests, NGO activists, members of Papua People Assembly (MRP), and students.

According to the document, these people “are allegedly obsessed with Papua Freedom, influencing people to promote the separation of Papua from Indonesia.”

The target of the operation is mentioned in the concluding part of the document, saying that the taskforce would “weaken the influence and power” of these people and “carry out divisive actions” against these groups.

Indonesian Military (TNI) spokesman Maj. Gen. Aslizar Tanjung refused to comment on the document.

“I’m in China. I have no idea [about the document],” he told The Jakarta Post on Wednesday. — JP

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