Legislator suspects hidden
reason behind Garuda mess

A hidden scandal may be the true cause of national airline Garuda Indonesia’s recent cancellations of scores of its flights over the last two days, according to an Indonesia Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) legislator’s hunch.

"We all know that Garuda is planning to go public in the immediate future. I'm afraid that the recent turmoil is designed to decrease the company’s value so that the shares can be offered at the lowest price," PDI-P legislator Pramono Anung told journalists on Tuesday.

He said the company’s official explanation that a computer glitch in the company’s new IT system was behind the cancellations just did not figure.

"There is no way that the company officials couldn't be able to prevent the side effects of the switch [to the new computer system]," he said.

He did acknowledge that he had no evidence to back up his suspicions.

It has been three days since the flag carrier began canceling flights, causing hundreds of passengers to wait hours for replacement flights, and stranding hundreds of others at international airport.

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