Ngurah Rai renovation to
cost Rp 1.9 trillion

The government has allocated Rp 1.9 trillion to renovate the Ngurah Rai Interntional Airport, Bali, in preparation of the APEC Summit, which will begin on the island in 2013.

"We will radically renovate the airport," State-Owned Enterprises Minister Mustafa Abubakar said Tuesday.

He added that the renovation would transform the domestic terminal into the international terminal and vice versa.

"Thus, the capacity of the Ngurah Rai airport will be greatly increased," he said, adding that the renovation of the airport would be "synchronized" with improving transportation access to the airport.

The government has formed plans to construct a toll road connecting the airport with the rest of Bali to reduce transportation bottlenecks, he said.

He added that the government had allocated Rp 3.5 trillion to both projects, with Rp 1.9 trillion allocated to the airport, and has set May 2013 as the deadline for both projects.

"The [renovation of] the airport and the [construction of] road access to the city must both be finished by May 2013 to increase the convenience for arriving state guests," he said.

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