Indonesian Military commander
opens executive meeting

The Indonesian Military (TNI) on Wednesday opened its 2011 executive meeting, scheduled to evaluate its performance in 2010 and draw plans for this year.

“As the main component of Indonesia’s defense system, the TNI must have the best strategy by focusing on using a minimum amount of force,” Indonesian Military chief Admiral Agus Suhartono said in his opening speech on Wednesday.

Agus said that TNI would also focus on supporting bureaucratic reform, optimizing strategic Indonesian industries, and leading non-war military operations, such as disaster relief.

Based on an evaluation of its performance in 2010, Agus said this year the TNI would work to improve the military’s human resources, administration system, defense equipment operations and budget management.

“TNI’s professionalism is now improving. In terms of our human resources, there is room for improvement in 2011,” Agus said as quoted by Antara.

The evaluation will be used to improve better the military’s abilities in dealing with new challenges, he said.

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