Gayus sentence unsatisfactory:
prosecutor Amari

The Attorney General's Office said on Thursday that the verdict of former tax officer Gayus H. Tambunan was unsatisfactory.

According to Deputy Attorney General for Special Crimes M. Amari, Gayus' sentence was unsatisfactory because he was sentenced to less than half the time in prison demanded by prosecutors.

Judges at South Jakarta District Court handed Gayus a seven year prison sentence while prosecutors demanded a 20 year prison sentence.

"If the [South Jakarta] prosecutors' office does not ask for an appeal, [the AGO] will order them to," Amari said.

He added that prosecutors were allowed to appeal if judges handed down a prison sentence that was less than two-thirds than prosecutors had previously demanded.

"[Gayus' sentence] is even less than half [of what prosecutors demanded]," he said.

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