It’s official: Once has
resigned from Dewa 19

Courtesy of Kawanku

JAKARTA: The lead vocalist of Dewa 19, Elfonda “Once” Mekel, has officially resigned from the local band that helped him launch his solo carrier.

The band’s founder and producer Ahmad Dhani announced Once’s had resigned on Wednesday, confirming the rumors circulating last year.

“He [Once] sent his resignation letter not long ago,” Dhani said as quoted by kompas.com.

Dhani added he could not prevent Once, who joined Dewa 19 in 2000, from leaving the band to develop his singing career.

Following Once’s resignation, Dhani said he would find another front man for the band. Zian, Zigas’ vocalist, or Judika, the winner of 2005 Indonesian Idol singing contest, are thought to be strong replacements for Once.

 “Dewa 19 doesn’t have a new album yet. In the meantime, we will find a vocalist first,” Dhani said. — JP

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