Jerome not CIA agent, says
US embassy

The deputy chief of mission from the US Embassy in Jakarta, Ted Osius, said Friday that John Jerome Grice who was allegedly involved in Gayus H. Tambunan’s passport forgery was not a member of the Central Intelligence Agency.

"He is not a CIA agent and is not an important person in the US," Osius said in Jakarta.

He said that the embassy and the police had talked regarding the alleged involvement of an American citizen in the case, Antara reported.

“We have discussed this matter with the Indonesian police and we also support the police in the investigation of Jerome’s involvement in Gayus’ case,” he said.

He said the US was not worrying too much about the news report on Jerome who was earlier claimed by Gayus as being a CIA agent, adding that it would support Indonesia’s efforts in combating corruption.

"We want Indonesia to be successful in fighting corruption,” he said.

Jerome, who reportedly received US$100,000 from Gayus, left Indonesia in July of last year and reportedly may be staying in an Asian country using an authentic passport.

According to his passport, he was born in California on May 16, 1970.

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