3 soldiers get light sentences
for Papua torture

Jayapura Military Court on Monday sentenced three soldiers to 10, nine and eight months in prison for torturing two Papuans who were allegedly members of the Free Papuan Movement (OPM).

Second Sgt. Iwan Riskianto, the deputy commander of the Infantry Battalion’s Gurate military post in Puncak Jaya, received 10 months in prison, while his subordinates First Pvt. Yason Agu got nine months and First Pvt. Thamrin Makangiri got eight, kompas.com reported Monday.

The three-member panel of judges presided over by Adil Karo-karo, said the defendants, who tortured Telenggen Gire and Anggen Pugukiwo on May 27, had intentionally violated their supervisor’s orders.

The incident, which had occurred behind the military post, was recorded by Second Pvt Barno upon orders from Iwan, and the 10-minute video later circulated online via YouTube.

The jail terms were lighter than the sentences requested by the prosecutor, who had earlier asked the the court to sentence the defendants to 12, 10 and nine months in prison.

The prosecutor said Iwan deserved a longer term in prison because he was the vice commander with greater responsibility. He also said the requested sentence term for Agu was longer than Thamrin’s because Agu had tortured Pugukiwo’s genitals with a smoldering wooden pole.

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