Soekarno Hatta airport
enjoys huge profit, seven
others suffer losses

Soekarno Hatta international airport got Rp 1.573 trillion (US$160 million) in profit last year, but seven other airports in the country suffered billions of rupiah in losses.

Besides Soekarno Hatta airport, Polonia Medan airport, Sultan Syarif Kasim Pekanbaru airport, Supadio Pontianak airport, and Husein Sastra Negara Bandung airport also made profit, reported on Thursday.

The airports that suffered losses last year were Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Palembang airport, Minangkabau Padang airport, Halim Perdana Kusumah Jakarta airport, Sultan Iskandar Muda Aceh airport, Raja Fisabilillah Tanjungpinang airport, Sultan Taha Jambi airport, and Depati Amir Pangkalpinang airport.

State-owned Enterprises Minister Mustafa Abubakar said the profit from Soekarno Hatta airport and four other airports was able to cover losses from seven airports.

Overall, the 12 airports under airport operator Angkasa Pura II made profit of Rp 1.264 trillion last year, he said.  

He expected Angkasa Pura II to increase the profit to Rp 1.35 trillion this year.

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