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Issue: MUI says Valentine’s
Day is haram

Feb. 10, Online

The Dumai chapter of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) in Riau says the celebration of Valentine’s Day is haram (forbidden for Muslims).

“From its origins, it is recognized that Valentine’s Day was a holiday for non-Muslims in Rome, Italy. Therefore, Valentine’s Day celebrations are forbidden for Muslims,” MUI Dumai chair Roza`i Akbar told Antara news agency on Thursday.

He said Valentine’s Day celebrations went against Islamic teachings because the celebration was akin to encouraging young people to build relationships outside marriage.

“What will happen if Valentine’s Day becomes part of Islamic culture? This was one of the considerations in deciding to forbid the celebration for Muslims,” he said.

The MUI has called upon all Muslim parents to explain to their children that Valentine’s Day is something they must not celebrate.

Your comments:

The Koran says that whatever is good for all people is good to do. And whatever is bad for society, do not do it.

Valentine’s events are a good thing to do.

It is not a religious matter or worshipping another God.


Thanks to the MUI for spreading the teachings of Islam. That’s why we call them ulema, as the inheritors of the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Today, many people call themselves Muslims but are happy with western culture that flies against the teachings of Islam.

And they neglect Islamic values and feel disgust when practicing their religion, poor you!

O people of Islam, if you call yourself Muslims, start learning the Koran and Sunna and stop underestimating the ulema!

The ulema get nothing in return for their fatwas, they do this for the sake of Allah. Mocking them will just make you turn away from the fold of Islam.

Valentine’s Day is obviously not Islamic. We love people every single day, why does it have to be only on Feb. 14?

Abu Abdullaah

MUI, do not share your problems with the public.

We have too many things unsolved!


I do agree. The Koran and Sunah don’t instruct us about Valentine’s Day.


The Koran and Sunna don’t instruct us about Valentine’s Day.

Well, they doesn’t give instructions about the iPad either.

Rahadi Widodo
Who are the people who take it upon themselves to voice opinions on behalf of most self-respecting Muslims in Indonesia?


I believe most Indonesians are too smart to care about what the MUI says, as for the rest I feel sad that they have become so narrow-minded.

Lars Andersen

Rather than spending time pointing out what is haram and what is halal, you would better spend your time thinking of how to develop the welfare of your people.

How can a day that is devoted to love be against a religion?

Most people who do anything on Valentine’s Day are married couples making a special day (just for them).  


Valentine’s Day is a bit commercial but we love it like Christmas.

We will decide for ourselves about it.  

As a Muslim, I agree that the MUI should handle seriously the entry of Valentine’s Day for Indonesian Muslims especially youth.

We do not have to accuse western culture of being bad for Muslims. But, when the youth want to adopt a foreign culture that is related to the unity of God, then, they need to be careful.

Otherwise they can go to hell!


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