Vidi Aldiano hates Valentine’s

JAKARTA: Not everyone likes to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In fact, singer Vidi Aldiano hates it and anything to do with it.

What the 20-year old single dislikes the most about Valentine’s Day is people asking him over and over what his plans are for the day universally dedicated to love.

“I don’t really like it. Every Valentine’s Day, people ask me who I will go on a date with, or who I am dating,” Vidi said as quoted by inilah.com over the weekend.

For Vidi, there is nothing special about Feb. 14. He added he had never celebrated Valentine’s Day.

“But maybe I will be doing several shows this year, so I will be on TV during the day. But for the rest, I will spend it with my family,” said the single man. — JP

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