Ririn Dwi Ariyanti gets
a surprise on Valentine’s

JAKARTA: This year’s Valentine’s Day was very special for actress Ririn Dwi Ariyanti.
The 25 year old received a surprise gift from her husband Aldi Bragi: A trip to spend the special day abroad.

“I cannot tell you now where he is taking me. But he was the one who decided we would go overseas for Valentine’s Day. It’s a surprise,” Ririn said as quoted by detikhot.com on Monday.

Ririn said Aldi was the one who insisted on them celebrating Valentine’s Day when they first started dating.

Since then, she feels Valentine’s Day has become more and more special with many sweet rituals and gifts.

“We’ve celebrated Valentine’s together for two years now. It is fun. We give each other presents and flowers,” said Ririn, who married Aldi in 2010. — JP 

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