Something good at ‘love

The hot and humid air did not stop people from coming to eX, an entertainment center at Plaza Indonesia shopping mall in Central Jakarta, the day after Valentine’s Day.

That day, an outdoor parking lot at the center — known as eX Open Space — was transformed into a festival venue. A main stage was decorated with colorful banners. There were booths run by festival participants, such as Sushi Groove and Kichenette, as well as The Goods Department and Brightspot Market.

The festival, Love Garage in the Park, was a project to celebrate the center’s 7th anniversary. The highlight of the evening was a concert by Two Door Cinema Club, an underground band from Northern Ireland.

Prior to their concert other acts were staged to entertain festival goers. Trigger DJs was the first on stage. Having DJs at 4 p.m. may be weird, but it successfully attracted people.

Following the DJ set was local entertainer Rock N Roll Mafia. This electronic band from Bandung showed they have the most loyal fans.

As the music show ended at 7 p.m., the festival continued with the screening of several short movies by local and international filmmakers.

A “parkour” act, an art of moving quickly and creatively pasts obstacles, was another entertaining program that night. A group calling themselves PEAZMAKERZ jumped from the stage into the audience. Even though parkour has only become popular within the last few years in Indonesia, the act was enough to pump the energy out to the audience.

Then the second biggest act of the night, Flight Facilities, came to the stage. This duet DJ surprisingly had the crowd on their feet. Having only one single release Crave You, the audience was dancing energetically.

The duet that has been very secretive about their identity — they claimed to be from Trinidad and Tobago — played the songs they mixed with bits of “Crave You” now and then.

Cheers and howls were blaring at the venue every time pinches of Crave You were inserted in the remix. For DJs that confessed to never really prepare anything for their performance, the electrified crowd appreciated their 90 minute set.

Hugo and Jimmy — Flight Facilities’ real names — ended their performance with the famous Crave You. Everyone in the festival loudly sang the song that reached the number one spot on Indonesian radio charts.

At around 9.30 p.m., Two Door Cinema Club finally took the stage. After a few hours of waiting their fans went screaming wild when they opened the night with a song called Cigarettes in the Theater.

The trio sang all the songs from their first album Tourist History released in March 2010, including their hit singles like Something Good Can Work and Undercover Martyn.

Consisting of Alex (lead vocal; guitar), Sam (guitar) and Kevin (bass), the band also played their newest song called Handshake.

“We just wrote this two months ago,” said Alex when introducing the song.  

Two Door Cinema Club has an amazing fan base in Indonesia. All night long, enthusiasts with the band’s merchandise, such as T-shirts and bracelets, were seen walking around the venue.

The band has a strong following on the Internet, where they distribute their music; some of which is even free to legally download.

“Some of you may know this next song and some of you may not know because it’s not on our album. We only released this song on the Internet,” said Alex before they played a song called Costume Party. Surprisingly, everyone seemed to know the lyrics by heart and sang it enthusiastically.  
The band played their songs passionately for over an hour and a half.

“This is our first time in Jakarta, our first time in Indonesia, and our first time in Southeast Asia. We have been f***ing excited to play here for months before we came!” exclaimed Alex.

The night was closed by two of their most successful singles titled Come Back Home and I Can Talk. Alex, Sam, and Kevin repeatedly said thank you, “Terima kasih”, and “Selamat malam” to the audience.

The promoter had actually prepared another DJ line up by Future10 after the Two Doors Cinema Club performance, but the venue was soon empty after the most anticipated band ended their concert.

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