17 karaoke girls nabbed
in Semarang police raid

Police have arrested 17 girls working as attendants at street karaoke bars in Semarang, Central Java, a police official says.

The girls were arrested in an operation conducted from Wednesday night until Thursday at dawn in street karaoke bars along Jl. Unta Raya and Jl. Pati Unus, as well as in the Dargo area of Semarang, Gayamsari Police chief Com. Triwisnugroho said as quoted by antaranews.com.

Police also confiscated 82 bottles of alcoholic drinks and karaoke equipment including televisions, VCD players and speakers.

Triwisnugroho said 60 police officers were deployed to conduct the operation following complaints from local residents.

“Local people complained about the consumption of alcoholic drinks at the street karaoke bars, which disrupt security and public order,” he said.

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