RI’s education development
index drops

Indonesia’s education development index (EDI) dropped to 69th in 2011, down from its rank of 65th last year.

Based on the 2011 Education For All Global Monitoring Report
2011 titled “The Hidden Crisis, Armed Conflict and Education” released by UNESCO, the country’s EDI is 0.934. An EDI is considered high if it is between 0.95 and 1, medium if it is above 0.80 and low if it is below 0.80.

The EDI is compiled from factors including basic education participation, literacy levels in 15-year-olds, gender equality in school participation and the number of students that stay in school until the fifth grade.

Indonesia is below neighboring Brunei Darussalam (34th) and Malaysia (65th), but still better than the Philippines (85th), Cambodia (102nd) and Laos (109th). — JP

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