Permata Bank wins most
awards for call center

Permata Bank clinched the most awards in the Call Center Award 2011 organized by Carre-Center for Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty (Carre-CSL), emerging as the winner in three of 17 categories.

“For six months, we have made phone calls to monitor the quality of the call centers in Indonesia,” Carre-Center for Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty CEO Yuliana Agung said Friday.

Permata Bank won in the priority banking, regular credit card and regular banking categories.

Other category winners included BRI Syariah Phone Banking, Commonwealth Comm Center, Astra Credit Companies Call Center and Honda Customer Care.

FedEx Customer Service, Sony Ericson Contact Center, Telkom 147, LG Customer Information, PLN 123, Garuda Call Center, Blue Bird Call Center, Adira Care and Careline Telkomsel also grabbed awards in their respective categories.

Yuliana added that the number of call centers had increased each year in the seven years since the awards had been held.

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