100,000 women affected
by violence in 2010: Commission

About 100,000 women reported during 2010 that they had suffered some form of violence, the National Commission for Women and Children reported on Tuesday.

The commissioner, Yustina Rostiawati, said data collected from 384 institutions offering services to help violence survivors showed that they handled 105,103 cases of violence against women.

"Most of them or more than 96 percent happened in the private sphere,” Yustina said Tuesday as quoted by tempointeraktif.com.

A total of 3,530 cases took place in public sphere, and 445 took place in the state sphere.

The total figure has declined from the previous year, which stood at 143,586 cases.

As for violence in the state sphere, the figure had increased significantly, from 54 in 2009. Most of the cases (395) were related to evictions in Jakarta.

Ten other cases of violence were conducted in the name of religion and morality — in the form of the burning of mosques, the banning of religious activities — and implementation of the pornography law, as well as women trafficking.

Almost half of the cases in the public sphere (1,751) were related to sexual violence, while 600 girls suffered violence at home.

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