Japanese chefs wanted in

Bangka and Belitung Islands need to recruit a lot of Japanese chefs, in efforts to attract Japanese tourists, the local investment coordinating board (BKPMD) says.

BKPMD chief Zakaria Umarhadi said several institutions in Japan had surveyed the province and concluded that it was suited to becoming a tourist destination for Japanese people, like Bali, kompas.com reported.

“At present, most Japanese tourists go to Bali. In future [Bangka and Belitung] could become an alternative for them,” Zakaria said in Pangkal Pinang on Tuesday.

The province needed a lot of chefs who could serve Japanese food, he said.

“Traditional cuisine would also be offered, but Japanese cuisine is a must to help them feel at home,” he said.

BKPMD is planning to work with a Japanese institution to train local youths Japanese cooking skills.

“The idea is still under discussion,” he said.

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