Bomb for Yapto disguised
as book on Pancasila

The book containing a bomb sent to Pancasila Youth organization chairman Yapto Soerjosoemarno on Tuesday bore a different title to the book-bombs sent to politician and Islamic Activist Ulil Abshar Abdhalla and National Narcotics Body Chief Gories Mere.

While bombs sent to Ulil and Gories were put in books titled Mereka Harus Dibunuh Karena Dosa-dosa mereka Terhadap Islam dan Kaum Muslimin, (They Must be Killed for their Sins Against Islam and Muslims), the book-bomb addressed to Yapto was titled Apakah Masih Ada Pancasila (Does the Pancasila Still Exist).

Jakarta Police chief Insp. Gen. Sutarman said Wednesday that the bombs, however, were similar types.

He said the Jakarta Police were yet to determine the group responsible for the bombs, “But they are definitely terrorists” he added.

Two of the bombs were diffused successfully, but the one sent to Ulil at Utan Kayu exploded, severely injuring a police officer.

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