Big chance for RI to host
2019 Asian Games: KONI

Indonesia has a good opportunity to host the 2019 Asian Games, with the Olympic Council of Asia throwing its support behind the country, Indonesia's National Sports Council (KONI) said.

“We have an opportunity to host the 2019 Asian Games without having to go through a bidding process. If we can't do it then, our second opportunity will be in 2023, but that will have to be through a bidding process,” KONI chairwoman Rita Subowo said Thursday in Jakarta.

Rita said this target could only be realized if the government supported organizing the event in the country, news portal tribunnews.com reported.

“This all depends on the government. First, there's the financial issue that we have to discuss, then the preparations and the time frame, whether it will clash with the elections or others,” she added.

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