Cirebon blast was suicide
bombing: Police

The National Police says the bombing of a mosque in Cirebon Police complex which exploded at 12:20 p.m on Friday is believed to have been a suicide attack.

A man entered the mosques while the prayers were taking place and “his body exploded”, police spokesman Insp. Gen. Anton Bachrul Alam said Friday.

“It is suspected this was a [suicide attack],” Anton said, as reported on MetroTV news.

He added the police were conducting an investigation of the scene. At the time of the report the remains of the suspected bomber had not been removed from the scene.

Aside from the suspected suicide bomber (who died in the blast) injured victims included the chief of Cirebon Police, its traffic unit chief, internal affairs officers as well as members of the public who were at the mosque for Friday prayers, Anton said.

He added that the type of the bomb had not been identified, but said “it was clearly a suicide bomb”.

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