Citibank clears debts of
Irzen Octa

Citibank says it has cleared the debts of Irzen Octa, a client of the bank who was found dead at its Menara Jamsostek branch office.

Irzen died after meeting debt collectors from the bank who questioned him about his credit card payment and allegedly assaulted him.

“All the debts have been cleared,” Citibank customer care vice president Hotma Simbolon said Thursday.

Irzen allegedly owed the bank Rp 100 million (US$11,500) on his credit card.

Hotma added that the bank was reviewing the lawsuit filed by Irzen's family.

Attorney O.C. Kaligis, who represents the family, announced that they would file a lawsuit against Citibank, seeking compensation for his death.

“We are studying [the lawsuit],” Hotma said, as reported by kompas.com.

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