Children’s film festival
returns to Jakarta, again
offers entertainment and

The KidsFfest International Children’s Film Festival is returning to Jakarta for the third time on April 22.

The festival offers 14 movies from nine countries: Indonesia, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, India and Japan.

The festival founder, acclaimed Indonesian director Nia Dinata, said the festival would become an important source of education, entertainment and discussion for children.

“Only one children’s movie and one teenage movie were screened in cinemas from March 17 to April 17, while the other 24 [films] were for adults. Therefore, the festival plays a very important role in entertaining children,” Nia said during a press conference on Monday.

She added that children would be able to learn about various world cultures from the movies.

“In Tanah Air Beta, my Motherland, for example, the movie has an extraordinary educational message. Children can learn about Timor Leste without having to first know about politics,” she said.

Tanah Air Beta is an Indonesian children’s movie to be screened during the festival that tells a story about a widow named Tatiana who lives with her 10-year-old daughter, Merry, in a refugee camp close to Timor Leste. She is desperately trying to find her 12-year-old son, Mauro, because she thinks he is still alive somewhere in the country.

Anggiasuwari Odang, brand manager of the festival’s main sponsor, Paddle Pop ice cream, offered similar commentary, saying that the festival would provide opportunities for children to experience high-quality entertainment.

“Today we have tons of mediocre soap operas on television. The festival provides high-quality entertainment for children,” Nia said. (fem)

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