KPK may seek foreign help
with Nunun

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) said it would ask the Foreign Minister, Interpol and other foreign corruption-fighting bodies to help bring Nunun Nurbaeti, an at-large suspect in a bribery case, back to Indonesia should efforts through the suspect’s family fail to bear fruit.

The first effort to bring back Nunun Nurbaeti would be to contact her through her family.

“We will see the family’s response after the summons letter has been sent. We hope the summons will cause a change of attitude from Ibu N [Nunun],” KPK spokesperson Johan Budi said on Wednesday as quoted by Tempointeraktif.com.

Nunun has been missing since March last year and was reported to be in Singapore undergoing treatment for “severe forgetfulness.” She also reportedly spent time in Thailand. She has been summoned to appear at long-awaited legal proceedings regarding a bribery case surrounding the election of a central bank senior deputy governor.

The KPK named her a suspect but has failed to locate her for the legal process.

The next step after the summons letter would be to seek help from several institutions including the Foreign Ministry and corruption fighting bodies in Singapore and Thailand.

The KPK plans to revoke Nunun’s passport, but has yet to implement the plan.

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